Easily locate, present, and share the right version of content on any device, everywhere, anytime.

Today, you need to go digital, so get the most innovative, award winning sales enablement solution.

  • Life Science
  • Manufacturing and Distributor Sales
  • Field Services and Maintenance
  • Financial Services
  • Digital Marketing and Agency

Get Enhanced Performance
and Agility in the Field

Solve the content management, productivity, and revenue growth challenges of your marketing and sales groups by impacting your face-to-face meetings. Leverage vablet’s innovative sales engagement features, available on any device, with or without WiFi access.

What is vablet?

A sales engagement, content management platform used to control and distribute key (generally marketing-created) content (typically to sales personnel) in the field.

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Why do companies buy vablet?

Most commonly because companies want to control and distribute dynamic and proprietary content to personnel in the revenue generation process. They want to know IF the content is in the hands of the right people, IS the content being used, IF the content is secure/safe, and IS it the content the right content for the audience/prospect.

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vablet in numbers




Our all in one solution means you don’t need to go anywhere else to find everything your team needs, including features they may not have even considered, to close more deals and empower your team on the front lines in real time.

Mobile-First, AI Powered

Vablet was built for mobile-first enterprises. Eliminate the confusion of searching for files, emailing, and presenting in the field. Now you can control, share, and track your remote content on any device, anywhere in the world – and content is available for use on or offline!

Mobilize your content now

Control & Organize

Have the correct content, easily accessible, in a branded experience. Add, Update, & Revoke Files | Stay Compliant/Secure | Easy Branding & App Customization

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Video? No Problem!

Arm your mobile teams with all the video content needed to quickly captivate your prospects attention. Video is quickly becoming “the new PDF”, you need a solution that can support video distribution to mobile devices, and vablet has been doing it for years.

Enhance Your Video Capabilities

Push, Notify, Search & Share

Make it easy for sales teams to find content, customize, present, and close sales – on the spot. Robust Search | Send Notifications | Custom Presentations | Offline Emailing

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Powerful Integrations

Immediately increase your Salesforce ROI by eliminating busywork in the field and elevate your reporting metrics – automatically. Or, use our best-in-class APIs, with many other critical platforms, and create a single point-of-entry for all your mission critical tools.

Supercharge Your Technology

Track & Measure

Capture analytics in real-time on sales interactions and emails sent from the field. Track Engagements | Capture Feedback | Get Actionable Intel

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The Missing Piece of Sales Enablement

Sales reps spend 36% of their work week searching for the right content to either use in their customer meetings or to send to their customers. Keep them engaged in the sales process by giving them a solution that minimizes that downtime and makes them more productive.


Using the vablet platform, companies can accelerate/or reduce cost of on-boarding, support on-going training and coaching, get the right content to users (even using “AI” using Salesforce’s Watson), allow individual users to personalize/customize their presentations on their apps (with all kinds of files including videos, HTML tools,etc) to fit their prospect or buyer preferences/profile, and then capture user feedback and analytics on content usage to update/massage the selling process.

vablet aligns the selling process, resulting in:

  • Increased win rates
  • Higher quota attainment
  • Ultimately more revenue

Integrations that are powered around the way you work