Easiest Way to Close More Deals: Adopt a Sales Engagement Platform

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Industry experts, Jim Lundy, Lead Analyst of Aragon Research, and Paul Pacun, CEO of vablet, will lead this informative webinar. Learn how easy it is to help your sales team generate more sales quicker, by simply adopting a sales engagement platform. Gain insights on metrics and see how successful mobile-first companies have leveraged this relatively new and impactful technology to create more productive face-to-face sales calls – that close more sales!    CLICK HERE to register!

Mission-Critical Content Delivered.

Get the right content to the right people and close sales faster

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Device
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing, Retail, and Service Industries
  • With Enhanced Offline Training, Data Capture, and Fillable Forms

"We needed an efficient way to get content into the hands of our global sales teams. This included multi-language and offline usage. These requirements were part of vablet, along with may other useful features that we didn't even consider. "

- Director of Marketing, Global Pharmaceutical Company

"The functionality offered in vablet is far more than we imagined - and it easily met our compliance needs. Also, the adoption rate of our sales reps was almost immediate, because vablet is very easy to use."

- Sr. Manager, Global Marketing, Global Medical Device Company

vablet | Sales Enablement Mobile Device


vablet was built for mobile-first enterprises. Eliminate the confusion of searching for files, emailing, and presenting in the field. Now you can control, share, and track your remote content on any device, anywhere in the world – and content is available for use on or offline!

Mobilize Your Content Now

vablet | Video-Ready Sales Enablement Icon


As video is quickly becoming “the new PDF”, you need a solution that can support video distribution to mobile devices, and vablet has been doing it for years. Arm your mobile teams with all the video content needed to quickly captivate your prospects attention.

Enhance Your Video Capabilities

vablet | Salesforce integration for sales enablement

Powerful Integrations

Immediately increase your Salesforce ROI by eliminating busywork in the field and elevate your reporting metrics - automatically. Or, use our best-in-class APIs, with many other critical platforms, and create a single point-of-entry for all your mission critical tools.

Augment Your Technology Today

Built for Global Life Science.

20,000+ Users and 500+ Accounts in Almost 60 Countries

Get Enhanced Performance and Agility in the Field

Solve the content management challenges of your marketing and sales groups while immediately impacting your sales reps face-to-face meetings. Leverage vablet's innovative mobile sales engagement features - available on any mobile device, with or without WiFi access.


Control & Organize

Ensure your sales teams have the right content, when they need it, and wherever they need it.


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Automatically Push & Share

Quickly push new content to the field and make it easy for sales teams to present and close.


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Track & Measure Activities

Capture real-time media view and email data from the field, to learn how sales and prospects interact with content.


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The Missing Piece of Sales Enablement

Sales reps spend 36% of their work week looking for the right content to use in face-to-face meetings or to send to their customers. Keep them engaged in the sales process by giving them a solution that minimizes that downtime and makes them more productive.
[source: IDC]


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