Enable sales and compliance simultaneously

Financial services is a heavily regulated industry, meaning compliance is key and security and privacy are critical to business success. The broad range of services provided by the industry all depend on flawless protection of sensitive information. vablet integrates well with secure, regulated environments, keeping content secure and compliant while streamlining access to information for staff anywhere on the globe — no WiFi necessary.

Solve common problems in Finance

In the financial industry, there are a number of challenges you might be up against. Here are a few ways vablet can help.

File usage rights and encryption

Files are encrypted in the cloud, in your Azure instance, in transit, and individually at rest, on your teams devices. We get you.

Content and device control features

Manage file updates, devices, and maintain version control from one central location or platform. The most in the industry.

Security options and pen testing

Access to your account is controlled by you and vablet provides various levels of control. the vablet platform has been pen-tested my a Swiss bank, for years, without issue.

Fillable forms, data collection, and surveys

Available for use on or offline, it has never been easier to create and creating and use forms for collecting client data. Data can also be moved through vablet directly onto your servers without issue.

Push and share content automatically

Automatically upload content and immediately have it appear on your user’s devices. Pushing and sharing content is easy.

Integration to existing solutions

Using the native Salesforce integration or our robust APIs, integration with you existing financial infrastructure is not a problem. On premises or off, vablet has proven to be flexible and easily integrated.

Industry-related comments from vablet customers

Compliance and regulatory concerns

We’re concerned about sensitive content and regulated data that can expose customers and the industry to the risk of compliance violation. vablet gives your organization control of your content, and it creates an audit trail to ensure regulatory compliance.

Content usage data and analytics

We find it difficult to know which materials our financial advisors actually use. vablet tracks and records details on who uses specific content, when they use it, how they use it, and for how long it was used.

Internet issues and customer interactions

We need a solution that allows your team to collect customer data, even in an offline environment. All of vablet’s features extend beyond WiFi access, helping keep business and customer interactions to continue without interruption.

“vablet was designed for regulated companies from inception.”

Paul Pacun, CEO

Helping Sales and Marketing Boost Sales Efficiency

Today it’s easier than ever to access content on a device when out in the field, but is that what really drives effective sales enablement?

In this podcast, you’ll hear vablet CEO and sales enablement expert, Paul Pacun, talk through vablet’s unique features and learn how the platform helps marketing and sales teams boost efficiency and drive conversions to exciting new levels. Here’s what the podcast covers:

Who benefits from using vablet
How to leverage the most impactful features of the platform
What separates vablet from other sales enablement technologies
Built with mobility, flexibility, and compliance in mind, vablet ensures that field sales reps have the right content at their fingertips when they need it, even when there is limited or no WiFi.