It’s everything your organization needs to master sales enablement.

Our completely customizable platform adapts to your needs, from enterprise content management, to e-Detailing, to sales training. We designed it to support both small businesses and complex, global, and regulated organizations. Quick implementation means you’ll be ready to go in days. Your marketing and sales teams will appreciate the mobile-first design, online and offline access, ability to support rich media, and other integration and automation features.


Control Content

Managing content is cumbersome for most marketing teams. Simplify it with vablet, accessible from any device in the field. 


Boost Content Engagement

Deliver engaging content to buyers seamlessly with personalized presentations that use rich media to drive interaction.


Enhance Content Intelligence

Marketing-sales feedback loops are often out of sync. Strengthen yours with tracking and intelligence features.


Enable Coaching and Learning

Revolutionize training and development with on-demand access to resources. Share new content and track trainees’ progress.

Why Choose vablet?

Companies choose vablet because it is easy to deploy (IT is not really needed) and it is easy to use. Built for sales people, with marketing in mind, vablet is brandable and adaptable to any workflow or organizational complexity.

The platform is secure with encryption, it is SOC2, GDPR, and HiPAA compliant, and it integrates with Salesforce, SAP, Veeva, and other marketing technologies (such as PowerBi and automation platforms). vablet supports siloed work forces, multi-language, and complex product support globally.

Gain compliance and control of content with access permissions and expiration dates.

Enjoy robust security when sharing content from one point of administration.

Track who has content at all times, the version, and when it was accessed.

Deploy content and updates with a click with push notifications.

Access all content and features, whether online or offline, from any device.

Use rich media animation, video, and HTML5 to drive interaction.

Create personalized sales presentations that deliver impactful experiences.

Leverage fillable forms to collect orders and signatures without Wi-Fi.

Customize branding and functions to fit your needs.

Close feedback loops with content and device analytics.

Identify content with positive responses using AI and machine learning.

Enjoy a native Salesforce integration to automate administrative tasks.

Content control and organization, sales functionality and training, interface branding and customization, workflow and integration flexibility and compliance are key needs for any company, and vablet provides all of those and more.

So, if your company is struggling to manage marketing and sales collateral, if you’d like a platform that supports all of your needs for compliance and functionality. Why don’t you make it easy on yourself and schedule a demo!