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Explore what sales enablement is, why you need it, and how to make it work at your company with the right technology.

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What is Sales Enablement?

The right combination of people, technologies, and processes involved in enhancing the execution of the sales process.

But that’s just the start…

How vablet Does It

Sales Enablement Graphic on LaptopCONTROL & ORGANIZE

  • Manage sales enablement content from one central point of administration in the cloud.
  • Organize files into meaningful groups so you can share them to the right mobile device in the field instantly.
  • Set and restrict access permissions by user or group.
  • Update file versions with a single click to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Learn How

Sales Enablement Graphic on Laptop and TabletPUSH & SHARE

  • Share presentation-ready content at the click of a button.
  • Instantly notify reps when content is available.
  • Use “push” notifications to see who has your content, which file version they have, and when it gets used.
  • Enable sales representatives to quickly create customized “playbooks” for more productive meetings.

Explore the Features

Sales Enablement Graphic on vablet LaptopTRACK & MEASURE

  • Automatically record sales enablement activity in the field, even when your team has no WiFi.
  • View content engagement data down to the page number and seconds on page.
  • Integrate core systems like Salesforce to eliminate the need for manual data entries from the field.
  • Leverage fillable forms to capture real-time customer data from the field, then have them submit to CRM, BI, and marketing automation systems.

Take a Closer Look

vablet is Transforming Sales Enablement

vablet, ranked by Aragon Research as one of the most innovative mobile sales enablement technologies on the planet, helps you meet the goals of both marketing and sales teams while improving every aspect of the customer relationship.

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Taking Sales Enablement from Concept to Reality

Plugging “sales enablement” into Google unleashes a wash of vague infographics and jargon-filled blog posts — none of which hit you between the eyes with what sales enablement is and how powerful sales enablement technology can be for your company. This article will.

Read “What is Sales Enablement & Why Do I Care?” to bring sales enablement from concept to reality and understand how it functions (or needs to function) at your organization.

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Answer Common Questions about Sales Enablement

What is sales enablement marketing?

Put simply, sales enablement refers to the people, technologies and processes that work together to help your company generate more sales. Sales enablement tools are typically utilized by marketing and sales teams but may be applied to other organizational verticals as well, like IT, HR, or customer service.

How do you measure sales enablement effectiveness?

The short answer is by having the right people, processes, and technologies in place. For marketers and salespeople, sales enablement software helps connect the dots between the marketing content that reps use in the field and the deals they eventually close through analytics like, page views, time on page, and more so you can paint a clear ROI picture for executives.

How do sales enablement platforms help align marketing and sales?
By capturing real-time content usage data from the field, the right sales enablement app will truly align marketing and sales teams, giving marketers the insight they need to create content that converts and saving sales from administrative activities that take them away from selling.

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