Remove inefficiencies and obstacles to maximize sales-marketing alignment.

Sales enablement software should enable alignment to achieve sales goals. It all starts with a powerful platform that ensures sales teams have the right content at the right time; 60-70 percent of B2B marketing content goes unused. Make sure your content delivers for your sales team with easy accessibility, customization, and accuracy.

Marketing teams can gather insights into content consumption and control what’s available to ensure accuracy. A seamless process that achieves alignment is possible with vablet.

vablet removes sales enablement barriers.

vablet delivers key functionality to foster alignment between sales and marketing. Sales teams have the right content, and marketing teams can gain deeper insights into content effectiveness.

Provide sales teams with relevant content.

Sales teams can access everything they need to prospect, pitch, and learn—with or without an internet connection.

Ensure the right content is in the sales team’s hands.

Marketing teams manage sales enablement content, so sales teams have access to the latest and greatest and receive notifications when new content is available.

Ally sales and marketing teams with analytics.

Fix the broken feedback loop with tracking tools that deliver performance metrics from the field, helping marketing teams develop better sales enablement content.

Control and Organize

Sales enablement content lives in a single place, organized and always up to date. Marketing teams control access to ensure only the correct version makes it to customers, supporting compliance for highly regulated industries.

Deploy and share online or offline.

Sales teams can share presentation-ready content with a click. They can also create customized playbooks from existing content. Marketing teams can notify reps of new content, and notifications allow visibility into who has content, its version, and how it’s used.

Track and measure with Salesforce integration.

Record sales enablement activity in the field without Wi-Fi. Drill into content engagement down to the page and seconds viewed. Capture real-time customer data from the field too.


What is sales enablement marketing?

Put simply, sales enablement refers to the people, technologies and processes that work together to help your company generate more sales. Sales enablement tools are typically utilized by marketing and sales teams but may be applied to other organizational verticals as well, like IT, HR, or customer service.

How do you measure sales enablement effectiveness?

The short answer is by having the right people, processes, and technologies in place. For marketers and salespeople, sales enablement software helps connect the dots between the marketing content that reps use in the field and the deals they eventually close through analytics like, page views, time on page, and more so you can paint a clear ROI picture for executives.

How do sales enablement platforms help align marketing and sales?

By capturing real-time content usage data from the field, the right sales enablement app will truly ALIGN MARKETING AND SALES TEAMS, giving marketers the insight they need to create content that converts and saving sales from administrative activities that take them away from selling.