Vablet Enables Closed-Loop Marketing

Ranked by Aragon Research as one of the most innovative mobile sales enablement technologies on the planet, vablet helps you achieve your closed-loop marketing goals – through innovative features and powerful integrations.
Capture more data, create smarter content, and deliver greater results in the field.

Answers to Common Questions about Closed-Loop Marketing

What is closed-loop marketing in general?
It’s using analytics and insights from the field to improve your marketing content, convert more prospects, and achieve greater ROI.
What is the relationship between closed-loop marketing and enterprise content management?
Your enterprise content management (ECM) system should support your closed-loop marketing efforts. It should capture data and insights revealing how customers interact with your content and how (or if) teams use that content in the field.
Is closed-loop marketing just for Big Pharma?
No. Closed-loop marketing, or CLM marketing, was popularized in the pharmaceutical industry (referred to as CLM pharma), but it has grown in adoption across a variety of industries.
How does closed-loop marketing apply to other industries/markets?
CLM marketing is for any marketing team that wants to gain a better understanding of their audiences so they can create content that drives potential customers to make buying decisions.