Enable Closed-Loop Marketing.

Use analytics and insights from the field to improve your marketing content, convert more prospects, and achieve greater ROI.

Capture data and insights revealing how customers interact with your content and how (or if) teams use that content in the field.

Gain a better understanding of their audiences so marketers can create content that drives potential customers to make buying decisions.

Put the right content in the hands of your sales teams, based on your previously unknown analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Explore vablet’s many Closed-Loop Marketing Tools.

Content & Device Analytics

Capture content usage data from the field.

Compliance & Control

Manage file access permissions and update versions from one central point of entry.

Rich Media & Videos

Arm sales with more engaging content formats, including video, HTML, and multimedia PDFs.

Easy Content Deployment & Updating

Track who has your content in the field, when they use it, and which file version(s) they have.

Push Notifications

Share content at the click of a mouse and get notified when teams receive it in the field.

Customizable Branding

Tailor your user experience and app interfaces to fit your team’s needs.

Forrester reports just 38% of marketers have a holistic view of how customers interact with their content. When you close the loop between sales and marketing, this blind spot is erased. When marketing has analytics from the field, they can create better content – and that leads to more sales.




Ranked by Aragon Research as one of the most innovative mobile sales enablement technologies on the planet, vablet helps you achieve your closed-loop marketing goals – through innovative features and powerful integrations. Capture more data, create smarter content, and deliver greater results in the field.