Streamline sales training and coaching with practical tools.

Sales teams need to learn continually. It starts with onboarding and continues with regular training modules that help them understand products, overcome objections, and position solutions better. The problem is often in the delivery and tracking. In fact, research shows that most training efforts—84 percent—are not retained by sales after 90 days.

With vablet, you can store everything in one hub while creating a more personalized, trackable, and effective training process that sales reps can access anywhere.

Boost engagement in sales learnings.

Training often falls flat because it’s hard to access, not interactive, or simply not available. vablet removes these challenges
with features that drive engagement and retention.

Serve distributed teams.

No matter where your sales reps are located, they can use vablet to access learnings, and you can track their progress even when they don’t have Wi-Fi.

Get new hires to work faster.

Virtual onboarding is more common and doesn’t have to slow new hire ramp-up when they can use vablet to learn.

Grab attention with interactive content.

The sales coaching and learning in vablet can be interactive and self-driven, which leads to greater attention and retention.

Manage content in one hub.

You can centrally organize all sales training content, controlling who has permission by user or group. Those developing training can easily update file versions in a click, so the material is always up to date, accurate, and compliant.

Deliver training with a push.

You can quickly push out new content to users wherever they are. File sharing is as easy as a click. Delivering training in this way eliminates the need for in-person training. Plus, teams can pull up training and coaching on demand regardless of if they’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Gain visibility into the training experience.

vablet allows you to track each person’s progress through training. It automatically records all activity, even when offline. You can view real-time data on how users interact with the content down to the page numbers and seconds. These insights help you evaluate the content’s effectiveness.