Easily Connect To The Systems You Rely On Most.

vablet allows for easy integration with your most important platforms such as CRM, BI tools, storage, and content control platforms.

Get More Value From Your Salesforce Investment.

vablet’s native integration with Salesforce creates a seamless experience for your field reps. Update calendars, contacts, opportunities, events, leads, and other custom objects quickly (On or offline). Record sales engagement activities automatically into Salesforce and leverage custom HTML apps that capture real-time data that is recorded in Salesforce. Also, vablet takes Salesforce offline on any Windows 10 device too, not even Salesforce can do that!!

Solve Common Salesforce Challenges.

“Our reps are often in locations like doctors’ offices and operating rooms where WiFi isn’t available, which prevents them from fully utilizing Salesforce.”

vablet allows your reps to take Salesforce offline. Users can access custom content like HTML apps, use them, and automatically collect/push sensitive data to Salesforce. This offline accessibility is perfect for meeting compliance requirements for regulatory bodies like the FDA and HIPAA.

“Our reps are spending too much time manually entering data in Salesforce or they are not doing it at all.”

Through one of the industry’s most unique integrations, vablet enables reps to automatically record data in Salesforce. Reps can launch the vablet app within Salesforce (no WiFi necessary), enabling them to create events, record activity, access content, and send email follow-ups seamlessly, saving them from having to re-enter data manually.

Explore vablet’s Platform Integrations.


Integrate with leading CRM platforms like Salesforce and Veeva, to automate tasks and eliminate busywork.

Active Directory & SharePoint

Harness corporate IT ecosystems like Microsoft Active Directory. Manage users and assets in and out of vablet automatically. Maintain permission’s across your environment.

Cloud Storage

Leverage Microsoft’s Azure and AWS, SFTP, VPN and hybrid content storage environments, as well as solutions like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


Simplify the way you control devices, share content, and collect and distribute analytic data with powerful APIs for XML/SOAP programmers and in RESTFul/JSON.

BI Solutions

Push data into your business intelligence solutions such as Tableau, Power BI. Enhance your reporting capabilities seamlessly.

Other Solutions

Integration with your MARCOM stack has never been easier. vablet’s technology has been recognized as the most innovative for many years. Pushing and pulling, updating and reporting are easy with vablet.

Why is System Integration So Important?

Coordination between marketing and sales departments is a challenge for many B2B companies. Unfortunately, many leadership teams don’t realize it’s an issue until it’s too late.

If you’re interested in learning how integration between the right marketing and sales technologies can drive marketing and sales alignment, check out our article.