Why vablet for Digital Marketing?

One of the greatest challenges as a digital marketer is tracking your content once it’s left your hands and evaluating its effectiveness in front of key audiences. That’s where vablet comes in.

How vablet Solves Common Problems

In marketing, there are a number of challenges you might be up against. Here are a few ways vablet can help.

Our marketing content often goes unused, meaning wasted time and money.
vablet’s instant search and instant access tools are significant time savers that make for a more productive sales force.
Our salespeople and external teams spend too much time searching for necessary information and content.
With electronic versions of sales material logically organized on vablet, sales reps can focus on prospect relationships and closing sales instead of rifling through papers.
We lack insight into what content is most effective in accomplishing goals.
vablet tracks details on who uses specific content, when they use it, and for how long, enabling you to attribute engagement data to specific content assets.

“vablet was designed for Life Science from inception.”

Paul Pacun, CEO & Sales Enablement Expert

Controlling Content to Drive Revenue

A full 90% of sales people say having access to the right marketing programs and content are the most valuable elements of success in the field, and recent studies suggest the incremental revenue derived from using the right content throughout the sales process is as high as 44%. But tracking which content is used, let alone which leads to conversions and sales, is a major challenge for many marketing teams.

Read our white paper to learn tips and insights for creating content that delivers on its intended marketing and sales goals.