How does vablet help your marketing team?

Get complete control of marketing content

Push technology, along with file and device rights features, for total control

Maximize your marketing budget

Identify unused or under-used content for more focused use of your marketing dollars

Leverage video to your advantage

Create and push videos (the new PDF) that reside locally on rep devices

Deliver meaningful sales tool that help

Easily push calculators, fillable order forms and guided selling tools – for use offline

Easily integrate your Marketing Automation

Enhance your email campaigns with more personalized content based on touches

The number of executives who say content search and utilization are the biggest challenges to sales productivity.

See how vablet puts valuable selling time back into your reps’ days by cutting out file searching and busywork.



Closing the Gap in Sales Efficiency

Tips, tricks, and articles are plastered all over the web about increasing sales efficiency, but how do teams actually achieve their efficiency goals?

Cut through statistics and buzzwords to get practical insights for closing the efficiency gap in your marketing and sales teams. Check out our article to learn:

  • The hidden costs of inefficiency
  • How to spot efficiency gaps on your team
  • What technologies teams are finding most effective for “closing the gap”


Revolutionize Your Content Management in Three Ways

Utilize vablet’s innovative tools that enable you to meet both marketing and sales teams’ goals.

Control & Orgranize

Ensure the right content gets at sales’ fingertips more seamlessly.

  • Manage files from a central point of administration.
  • Eliminate version control risks and concerns.
  • Use group targeting to only share content most relevant to your reps and prospects.

Increase content control

Push & Share

Give sales access to presentation-ready content at the click of a button — no WiFi necessary!

  • Send instant notifications when new content is ready to use in the field.
  • Provide seamless access to more compelling sales content, like animation and HTML5.
  • Enable sales to customize their own content “playbook” to streamline meetings.

Explore the features

Track & Measure

Help automate post-meeting tasks, so you capture real-time data and sales can stay focused on selling.

  • Eliminate the need for manual CRM updates through system integrations.
  • Close the feedback loop with sales by automatically recording presentation activity and engagement data.

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