How does vablet help your marketing team?

Get complete control of marketing content

Push technology, along with file and device rights features, for total control

Maximize your marketing budget

Identify unused or under-used content for more focused use of your marketing dollars

Leverage video to your advantage

Create and push videos (the new PDF) that reside locally on rep devices

Deliver meaningful sales tool that help

Easily push calculators, fillable order forms and guided selling tools – for use offline

Easily integrate your Marketing Automation

Enhance your email campaigns with more personalized content based on touches

Access to Valuable Content is a Key to Success

90% of salespeople say having access to the right marketing programs and content are the most valuable elements of success in the field.


Insights for Better Alignment with Sales

Coordination between marketing and sales departments is a challenge for many B2B companies. Unfortunately, many leadership teams don’t realize it’s an issue until it’s too late. Marketing has the opportunity to get ahead of the game.
If you’re interested in getting recommendations on how to identify and prevent breakdowns with your sales team, check out our white paper, Aligning Sales & Marketing.

What you’ll learn:

The state of marketing and sales alignment

Revolutionize Your Content Management in Three Ways

Utilize vablet’s innovative tools that enable you to meet both marketing and sales teams’ goals.

Control & Orgranize

Ensure the right content gets at sales’ fingertips more seamlessly.

  • Manage files from a central point of administration.
  • Set and restrict access permissions by user or group.
  • Update file versions with a single click to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Increase content control

Push & Share

Push content to the field and make it easy to access and present.

  • Share files at the click of a button.
  • Instantly notify reps when content is available
  • Use “push” notifications to see who has your content, which file version they have and when it gets used.

Explore the features

Track & Measure

Capture real-time data showing how sales teams and customers interact with your content.

  • View content engagement datadown to the page number and seconds on page, even when your team doesn’t have WiFi acces.
  • Get customer sentiment indicators.
  • Integrate core systems like Salesforce to eliminate the need for manual data entries from the field.

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