How does vablet help your marketing team?

Get complete control of marketing content 

Use push technology, extensive file and device rights features, and version control options for total control.

Leverage video to your advantage

Upload and push even large-size videos (the new PDF) that can be easily shared or emailed by your rep devices.

Maximize your marketing budget

Identify unused or under-used content for more focused use of your marketing dollars.

Deliver meaningful sales tools that really help

Easily push e-detailing tools, calculators, fillable order forms, and guided selling tools to close deals faster – all usable offline!

Learning content for your internal and external teams

Use HTL5, SCORM, HTML, as well as complex survey forms in your marketing ecosystem to elevate and accelerate the knowledge base of your key users.

Brand your experience any way you want.

Customize your user’s interface and experience however it makes sense for your teams. vablet supports branding at multiple levels of use including products, geographies, groups, content, and multi-language. Being used on 60+ countries, vablet is extremely flexible.

Group-based administration and access controls.

Manage your content and limit access to devices and files based on functional or product groups, it’s your call. Maintain complete control and access to your vablet environment globally.

Easily integrate your existing marketing automation

Enhance your AI customized presentations and email campaigns with more specific and personalized content, based on captured data from all your platforms.

Stay in compliance every stop of the way

With it’s industry-leading compliance and control options, you’ll be able to stay in compliance with all regulatory such as GDPR, CCPA, FDA, HIPAA, and more.

Access to Valuable Content is a Key to Success

90% of salespeople say having access to the right marketing programs and content are the most valuable elements of success in the field.


Insights for Better Alignment with Sales

Coordination between marketing and sales departments is a challenge for many B2B companies. Unfortunately, many leadership teams don’t realize it’s an issue until it’s too late. Marketing has the opportunity to get ahead of the game.
If you’re interested in getting recommendations on how to identify and prevent breakdowns with your sales team, check out our white paper, Aligning Sales & Marketing.

What you’ll learn:

The state of marketing and sales alignment