And… we’ve got your basic needs covered too.

Control & Organize

  • Manage content from one central point of administration in the cloud.
  • Organize files into meaningful groups so you can share them to the right mobile device in the field instantly.
  • Set and restrict access permissions by user or group.
  • Update file versions with a single click to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Push & Share

  • Share presentation-ready content at the click of a button.
  • Instantly notify reps when content is available.
  • Use “push” notifications to see who has your content, which file version they have, and when it gets used.
  • Enable sales representatives to quickly create customized “playbooks” for more productive meetings.

Track & Measure

  • Automatically record content activity in the field, even when your team has no WiFi.
  • View content engagement data down to the page number and seconds on page.
  • Integrate core systems like Salesforce to eliminate the need for manual data entries from the field.
  • Leverage fillable forms to capture real-time customer data from the field, then have them submit to CRM, BI, and marketing automation systems.

Why Companies are Rethinking Enterprise Content Management

The need for greater “digital intelligence” is driving many marketing teams to invest in enterprise content management solutions. But is that where dollars should be spent?

The truth is, achieving true digital intelligence — the ability to capture, manage, and analyze data — requires more than having technology to just organize and share content. Download “Digital Intelligence: What It Means to Marketers” to learn the three technology requirements for enabling digital intelligence at your company.