Why Choose vablet?

Ensure Easy Access

Open documents, videos, and presentations securely with or without Wi-Fi.

Leverage Interactive Content

Use video, rich media, calculators, and other tools anywhere.

Gain Efficiency With Automation

Salesforce is updated automatically
with notes, orders, and more.

Find What You Need

Employ robust search features so reps can locate content fast.

Engage With Training

Upskill your sales team with
on-demand learning resources.

Track Content Usage

Determine the performance of content
in the field with built-in analytics.

Pricing FAQs

How much is training?

vablet offers free training for administrators and we can assist with helping your users (generally, because of a customer’s customization, they do end-user training). vablet also has an extensive help system and we have many other resources and user guides available, all at no cost.

Is there a fee for set up and integration?

Generally, no. vablet has very robust APIs for easy integration with other third-party systems. Also, vablet has a native integration with Salesforce (this integration requires an additional per license fee).

Does IT need to be involved to get going?

In most cases, no, IT involvement is not required to get going. We do offer programming services, if requested.

Do we have to hire vablet to create content or brand our user experience?

Although we are here to help, most vablet customers create their own customized content as well as the interactive experiences for their users without any help from us. We can provide sample options to help you as well or we do offer content creation services, if requested.

The vablet team is very responsive and GREAT to work with, returning calls or answering questions within hours. No other vendor is like that.

Susan Su, Learning System & Software Manager

We needed an efficient way to get content into the hands of our global sales teams. This included multi-language and offline usage. These requirements were already part of vablet, along with many other useful features that we didn’t even consider.


Director of Marketing, Global Pharmaceutical Company

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