So, how does vablet help in Life Science?

Sales reps will have all the sales details they need, WiFi or no WiFi, for that 2 min meeting
Leverage video, PDFs, HTML tools and calculators anywhere
Automatically update Salesforce CRM with all content-related actions for greater analytics
Use “AI” to select and push content to your reps devices
Sales reps can email one or more files of any size, with or without disclaimers or locked email bodies
Searching for files is easy with vablet’s robust search capabilities
Quickly review training materials to refresh product knowledge
Gain visibility into what collateral is in the filed, where they are, and when they were revoked for audit.
Eliminate the possibility of having unapproved or incorrect content being used in the field.
And, so much more….
“vablet has been a critical tool in giving the essentials to our sales force around the world. The ability to customize to the needs of each team member, quickly and easily push essential presentations and videos, and so much more gives us a true advantage.”
Graeme Swift, ICU Medical

“vablet was designed for Life Science from inception.”

Paul Pacun, CEO & Sales Enablement Expert

Nobel Biocare’s Sales Revolution Through Technology

In this exclusive success story, learn how Dan Hinkle, senior director of practice development at Nobel Biocare, used vablet’s sales engagement solution to boost market differentiation and drive revenue. See how Nobel transformed their sales and marketing efforts with:
Enhanced content accessibility that meant better informed and more consultative sales conversations
Easily searchable content so sales didn’t waste time searching for files
Analytics on content engagement that provided greater visibility on asset usage and effectiveness
Greater control over content in the field that ensured the latest versions and compliant materials were always available