Life sciences and healthcare sales and marketing teams trust vablet.

Life sciences, including pharma and medical devices, is a challenging field for sales and marketing. While marketing teams want to leverage all kinds of media to position sales in the best light to sell, that content must also be compliant, accurate, and accessible in any environment. Sales teams also need to stay proficient with product knowledge, and marketing teams want insights into content usage in the field.vablet’s sales enablement platform solves all of these issues, delivering turnkey tools in one hub.


Business analytics intelligence concept, financial charts to analyze profit and finance.

Used in 60+ Countries


How We Help You?

Ensure Easy Access

Open documents, videos, and presentations securely with or without Wi-Fi.

Leverage Interactive Content

Use video, rich media, calculators,
and other tools anywhere.

Gain Efficiency With Automation

Salesforce is updated automatically
with notes, orders, and more.

Find What You Need

Employ robust search features so reps
can locate content fast.

Engage With Training

Upskill your sales team with
on-demand learning resources.

Track Content Usage

Determine the performance of content
in the field with built-in analytics.