Shorten sales cycles and increase win rates by giving your sales team direct access to the right marketing assets

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Sales Enablement, Video, and E-Detailing Tools

Win more deals using interactive presentations, video, fillable forms, enhanced email capabilities, and AI-driven content recommendations.

Enterprise Content Management

Solve document control and management challenges with a central digital content library available from any device, with or without Wi-Fi.

Sales Coaching and Learning Tools

Accelerate onboarding with easy-to-use learning capabilities. Continue to empower sales reps with ongoing, on-demand training.

Closed Feedback Loop 

Capture real-time data on remote presentations and measure customer content consumption, driving insights.

Personalized Presentations

Leverage rich media content to customize decks in a click to engage and hook prospects.

Automated Admin Tasks

Eliminate manual work that deters reps from selling with integrations and tools that streamline workflows.

Used in 60+ Countries


Align your marketing and sales with one solution

Empower these teams to collaborate with simple technology that enables both teams to optimize all their sales efforts. vablet solves your biggest sales and marketing challenges to foster growth and efficiency.

We needed an efficient way to get content into the hands of our global sales teams. This included multi-language and offline usage. These requirements were part of vablet, along with many other useful features that we didn’t even consider.


Director of Marketing – Global Pharmaceutical Company


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Easily upload and organize your content in a branded experience.

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Does your sales team have access to the right content to close the deal?

Increase productivity by reducing the time salespeople spend searching for content by an average of 30%

vablet makes my sales team happy, that’s all I need to know!


Marketing Manager – Packaging Machinery Distributor

Robust Salesforce Integration

Our native integration with Salesforce offers unique two-way communication, updates, and offline interactions for your sales team. Enhance your Salesforce data, reporting, and workflows easily and automatically. Update any Salesforce object, even in highly customized instances.

Experts in secure and compliant content mobility…

Our team at vablet has been solving security, compliance, and complex marketing/sales-related content workflow issues for companies in many industries since 2001. Known for going above and beyond with exceptional customer support, training, and superior innovation.

Access your content in vablet on any device, anywhere, on- or off-line.