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What is a Secure Mobile Container?

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Secure Mobile Container

iPads and other mobile devices are an expression of each owner; they can reflect the lifestyles, interests, and productivity requirements just by looking at the application icons on their screens.  And, like fingerprints each one is unique.  This uniqueness is a wonderful thing to the individual, yet it creates concerns for businesses when these devices to enter their domains. Without a secure mobile container, businesses can be in some serious trouble.

Put yourself in the shoes of the CEO, CFO, CTO, or CIO and think about the possible types of information that could be on any one of these devices.  And, it’s going home, to the restaurant, to the gym, the nightclub and anywhere else people go.  Not to mention, how does the information get there?  Who controls it?  Can it be removed?  What is the cost of the exposure?  Mindboggling when you consider it…

If I were to try and solve this concern, I would start by considering the devices as a whole: both the benefits and the issues.  I would strive to preserve the user experience, the individual’s unique expressions, all the while protecting my company’s exposure to leakage of sensitive or proprietary information.  I would want people to use these devices as much as they can for the sake of productivity and efficiency, but in a secure way that I can mitigate risk of data leakage.

What if I could control a small piece of real estate, on each device, without disrupting the experience and beauty of the iPad?  What if I could avoid the hassle and liability of controlling every aspect of the device?  I would want a container – a small, secure mobile container right on each device.  One where my company could push any and all the files an employee would need, in one place that was controlled by the company administrator.  I would also want to know who is looking at what file, when, and how often.  And, if I wanted my files back, I could simply press a button, and they would disappear from the device.  If my mobile container could do all that, I think I would really like it.

Vablet provides a secure mobile container for your enterprise, including instant access and synchronization of files along with analytics while preserving the individual experience of the device user.