vablet™ – a Must-Have Mobile Solution for CIOs

Enhance Productivity with Your Mobility Plan

In today’s changing IT environment CIOs are having to deal with the personalized flexibility of technology and the ever increasing mobility of a workforce.   These challenges can create organizational chaos if technology isn’t introduced to stabilize the flow of information.  Data leakage can become Titanic…  The use of push technology should be a requirement for every IT organization dealing with this issue.  Controlling where information goes, how it’s being used, by whom, and having the ability to revoke access will certainly help a CIO sleep better at night. CIOs have to start looking for a mobile solution that fit their company’s needs, and vablet is the Must-Have Mobile Solution they have been searching for. 

At least that’s what they think at See vablet™ featured as one of the “Top 20 Business Apps Every CIO Should Want“.

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