vablet™ – a Must-Have Mobile Solution for CIOs

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Enhance Productivity with Your Mobility Plan

In today’s changing IT environment CIOs are having to deal with the personalized flexibility of technology and the ever increasing mobility of a workforce.   These challenges can create organizational chaos if technology isn’t introduced to stabilize the flow of information.  Data leakage can become Titanic…  The use of push technology should be a requirement for every IT organization dealing with this issue.  Controlling where information goes, how it’s being used, by whom, and having the ability to revoke access will certainly help a CIO sleep better at night. CIOs have to start looking for a mobile solution that fit their company’s needs, and vablet is the Must-Have Mobile Solution they have been searching for. 

At least that’s what they think at See vablet™ featured as one of the “Top 20 Business Apps Every CIO Should Want“.

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