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You’re probably here because you have an iPad® or tablet and are trying to figure out how to access your files while on-the-go. Millions of sales reps, deal makers, project managers and administrative ‘glue’ providers from a myriad of industries have left their laptop behind in order to lighten the load in their briefcase. We built vablet with you in mind. The following list of use case studies will  demonstrate how other companies have used vablet to solve their mobility challenges. 

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Product Sales/Retail: United Pacific Pet

 The Business Environment: United Pacific Pet

Use Case Studies UPP is a multi-line pet products distributor who has been in the pet products distribution business for over thirty years.  They currently represent over fifty manufacturers across ten major product categories. They have six people in their outside sales force and ten inside sales representatives.

The Problem:

UPP had ongoing challenges with their sales order transactions. Many of their manufacturer / suppliers provide UPP with changing promotional pricing on a monthly basis. These promo offers are not just price decreases, but a plethora of special offers and discounts as well.

The field sales representative manages orders from their customers primarily on location and at trade shows. The official transactions were previously conducted via phone or fax, which required information to be entered onto specific [paper] forms. The consequence of this transaction process is the rep is saddled with volumes of paper – whether regular orders or distinct forms for promotional orders, each month.

Not only was that process logistically inefficient for both outside and inside sales teams, but ensuring the most up to date pricing and product specs were on the order sheets caused further delays or confusion.

The vablet Solution:

UPP discovered the vablet™ centralized method of managing and distributing files was exactly the solution they needed for the following material:

  • Marketing Material/Sales Collateral
  • Manufacturers’ Product and Program Information (videos, brochures, power point presentations, etc…)
  • Product Pricing Forms
  • Special Order Forms for Promotions

The ability to not only deploy up to date marketing material and price sheets, but also the ability to instantly retrieve information back from their sales teams’ iPads® has been instrumental in accelerating the sales transaction process.

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Trade Show Solutions: Seoul Semiconductor

The Business Environment: Seoul Semiconductor

Use Case Studies Seoul Semiconductor has been leading the LED industry in Korea and is now postured to be one of the world’s top 3 LED manufacturers, due to its innovative management systems and advanced technologies.

The Problem:

North America VP of Sales, Brian Wilcox, wanted to create an eco-friendly, paperless sales experience for their upcoming trade show. They showcase their products and network with customers from a sizable 30×30 ft booth at the annual Light Fair, the largest lighting show in the world.

The vablet Solution:

Seoul deployed nearly 2 dozen devices for the show. The booth was equipped with 4 kiosk type stations that displayed 2 iPad devices each, and one device was connected to a large HD monitor on display at a ‘Tech Bar’ in the middle of the booth. This large HD monitor ran a media loop of product images, marketing messaging and more. Additional devices were in the hands of sales agents throughout the booth.

The devices on display at the kiosks were using Signage, by vablet. One unique feature enables any viewer to tap the screen with two fingers to request more information about the product being showcased on that device. The device is specially programmed to display a lead generation dialogue, where prospects can enter their email address, for opt-in marketing.

The Sales Agents in the booth had iPad devices with product specs and sales presentations designed in Keynote, to serve as a visual aid in conversations.

Learn about the full ROI of this case study by viewing the PDF.

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Manufacturing Sales:Volm Companies

vablet and Volm CompaniesThe Company: Volm Companies

Volm Companies, Inc., a company founded in 1954 and headquartered in Antigo, WI, manufactures and distributes custom packaging for high profile brands such as Dole, Sunkist and Green Giant.  They also distribute consumer items such as snow and garden fences, shade cloth and privacy fabric to national and regional retailers such as Menards and Fleet Farm.

The Problem

Volm is committed to taking advantage of new technology and was exploring the process of transitioning their sales team from laptops to iPads. Bill Volm and his software developer visited a nearby Apple Store to learn about tools in the AppStore geared for sales forces.

The vablet Solution

The Apple Store Business Manager referred Volm to the vablet content management app and many vablet of the vablet features were a perfect fit for their transition to iPads:

• A centralized method for managing and distributing sales collateral

• Secure file deployment as well as secure tiered user roles

• Efficient access to video media – locally on the device and via a YouTube Channel

• Integrated emailing of material to prospects

• Integrated HTML content with product specs from their website

• The convenience of using many sales tools within a single app


Just 60 days after Bill’s visit to the Apple store, he was scheduling deployment of the vablet solution onto the 25 iPads he had purchased.  

Sales Presentation: EMS - Electronic Merchant System

The Business Environment:

EMS: Electronic Merchant System offers credit card processing services to businesses.

Use Case Studies

“We deal with merchants on a daily basis who are “stuck in their ways” and reluctant to try anything new. However, are we as sales people also set in our ways?

You may have the greatest personality, sales pitch, and solutions, but it’s not always enough to stand out from the competition. I challenge you to step out and try something new, change your approach, or like I just learned; get an iPad!

My name is John Doe, an AE in Boston and I tend to underestimate the power of technology and how useful it can be in our line of work. Since we are often inundated with the newest and best products, trying to find what is best can become exhausting. Plus, technology doesn’t really pertain to selling, right?

Or at least that was what I thought, until recently. EMS has given us a great solution that I’m sure many of us don’t take advantage of (myself included). Through the Vablet App, the resources on the iPad are updated with products information, videos, etc… It’s much more interactive than sales brochures and can even help close deals!

Just last week I was out on an appointment at a computer repair shop and not getting anywhere. The merchant was bitter from other providers, and just kept shutting me down. Everytime I began speaking he put up a wall and didn’t let me get any further. Whether it was an interruption or a negative comment, there was just no way to convince this guy! I knew what I needed to convey but he just wasn’t willing to listen to me.

The prospect was currently using the Quickbooks solution and was worried that processing with EMS would disrupt his process. However, as we all know, our solutions are compatible and I tried to explain to him how this would work. He obviously didn’t want to listen, kept interrupting me, and finally just told me he wasn’t interested.

After I left, giving the appointment all that I had, I immediately told my manager about what had happened. Without even saying a word John placed the office iPad in my hand and said, “Let’s give this a try.” In just a few minutes of going through the product information and videos on the iPad, I noticed one that was perfect for this situation.

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Life Science Sales on Windows 8: Alphaeon

windows-8-tablet-AlphaeonThe Company: Alphaeon

Alphaeon Corporation is a lifestyle healthcare company that commercializes and develops highly innovative technologies and services to promote patient wellness, beauty and performance. 

Business Problem

Alphaeon is the first ever self-pay lifestyle company, launched in July 2013 at the leading edge of newly emerging healthcare systems.

In keeping with their corporate mission to build highly innovative lifestyle healthcare technologies and services, they are enabling their workforce with the same level of innovation by deploying Windows 8 tablets for operations, sales and marketing.

The scope of developing a custom, branded mobile app secure enough for enterprise is costly. Aside from the lead time, which starts with just finding the right resources, workforce productivity is impacted by security and ease of access to business files while on the go. The process entails experts in design, user-interface and mobile IT and is highly unlikely to implement in less than 9 months.

The Solution:

Specializing in the Life Science industry, Definitive Media partnered with the vablet mobility firm to deliver a secure, branded content management platform compatible with both iOS and Windows 8 mobile devices in less than 30 days.

The core list of features included in the vablet mobile platform are:

  • Centralized control of proprietary content
  • High volume of video media
  • Offline access to collateral
  • Customized and integrated HTML for mobile
  • Analytical reporting for compliance and marketing

The Result

The highest deliverable of this project was the synergy between the design and UI by Definitive Media and the robust, multi OS flexibility of the vablet content management platform, geared for enterprise by a team of experts in mobile IT. 

Operating at the cutting edge of the healthcare industry, Alphaeon was able to maintain momentum on their growth strategies with the deployment of secure, responsive and branded mobile technology in the hands of their workforce.

Retail Sales: OluKai Footwear

vablet for OluKai FootwearThe Company: OluKai Footwear

OluKai, a premium footwear manufacturer, has been experiencing steady growth in the footwear industry. 

The Problem:

Their sales force consists of 30 independent manufacturers’ representatives. However, the reps occasionally found themselves using an outdated form or media. Email was the standard method reps had access to company material, which was inefficient and insecure. 

In addition to productivity challenges, there was no easy way to leverage multimedia to make an impression on sales targets.

The vablet Solution:

OluKai invested in iPads for all of them, and introduced the vablet content management platform in the summer of 2011.

The primary value point vablet delivered was reliable video media. Initial content pushed out to the sales force was the company’s video archive and a wide selection of digital marketing material. As material changed, OluKai was able to add or replace material instantly.

  • Accessibility to video media using the vablet platform solved many productivity issues:
  • Emailing video files was prohibitive due to data transfer restrictions
  • Video files are now updated on one central console, syncing sales with current content
  • All sales collateral is organized by folder
  • Sales media is accessible without WiFi, without switching to alternate media players
  • Reps are focussed on building relationships with customers, not managing files

The initial wave of marketing material distributed via the vablet app was met with a strong positive response. The ease of use and reliability of having updated content dramatically increased the number of times the sales people presented the company’s material to customers.

Enterprise, Finance: The Swiss Banking Client

The Business Environment: The Swiss Banking Client

vablet-iPad-use-bankingThe Swiss banking client will initially use their private-labeled version of vablet for the Board of Directors meeting. Documents will be securely shared among the Directors prior to company-wide deployment.

The intention of the subsequent deployment of vablet (by country), will be collaboration among the investment bankers. They will use it as a tool to share and collaborate on transactions.

As an example, a junior banker will push documents to one or more senior bankers. The senior bankers will view and/or annotate the documents. The edited documents will be saved back to the internal servers as a separate file along with the annotations. The junior banker will then send the new, edited document back out to the deal team.


The vablet “core” application is installed within the bank’s datacenter using Microsoft’s SQL Server, IIS (web server) and web services. The iPads connect to a border server running SiteMinder which passes requests to the vablet core. The vablet core application manages the content on each device within a mobile container, as well providing a centralized hub for files and users.

The bank uses Microsoft’s SharePoint® 2010 as its ECM (enterprise content management) software to connect to vablet. This solution mitigates Safe Harbor and other geographic restrictions by being flexible enough to respect data security issues on a country-by-country basis. For this reason, the solution can be easily replicated enterprise-wide and in all of the countries that they are doing business.

Learn about the full ROI of this case study by viewing the PDF.

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“We identified clear benefits of the vablet platform among “technically-challenged” staff members, while device users were able to shorten the sales cycle due to the reliability of instant updates and instant email lead generation features that provide single source capability.”

~ Director, Digital Marketing Strategy & Analytics

$10B Global Medical Device Company

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