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New Release: vablet 2.5.1

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Open Source Content Management

vablet™ is approaching the one year mark of providing open source content management solutions to mobile devices! Vablet allows for enterprise level tracking, reporting and compliance to help you manage your mobile content more effectively.We are thrilled to be celebrating with a new look to our brand, and a new list of features – thanks to all the feedback we have gained along the way, from valuable users such as You!



New features you’ll experience in version 5.2.1:

- Quicker Registration & Startup

- Enhanced Search & Settings Options

- Improved Download Speed

 - Enhanced File Preview with Optional Slideshow

- Improved Playlist Functionality for Digital Signage

 - Cloud or Server Platform Option

 - Android Release, including Kindle Fire (Perfect corp gift to your team!)

Look out for the new icons on your mobile device!