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New Release: 3.0

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Exciting Updates

When it comes to vablet, the users are considered as experts, too. So, while we have a vision for this product that comes from our own experience in the corporate world, your feedback is a big part of each new release. Enterprise content management is now more than just files and folders …take a look at what makes 3.0 our best release yet!

Join the Webinar for a live review of these features, Tuesday, June 19th, 2012, Noon PST, or download the PDF to distribute to your team.

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Updates to Admin Console on the Web:

1. Resume Feature 

You can now set the time limit to hold the last file open if you need to leave vablet to open a different application. Simply set your resume time to 5, 10 or however many minutes you wish, in order to  return to the same file when you return to vablet. And, you can establish this setting account-wide or on your own device, from the Device Menu on the admin console.


2. Push Notification Wipes

Improved handling of security, enabling convenient removal of a device from your account.

3. Easy Click Registration Enterprise Content Management











4. Custom Welcome Screen

Enterprise Content Management













Updates to vablet App on Your Device:

5. Screen Auto-Lock

This prevents interruption of the downloading process, so you can be sure of the instant on, instant access of vablet. If you have a ton of new files, it may take a few minutes to synch with your device – but we’ve made sure that your shutoff settings won’t interrupt the download!


6. Improved Search Capability 

Default search is within the user entered metadata for each file, which speeds up the search process. Turn this off in the settings menu and vablet will search all content in all of your files.


7. Mark All as Read

Long hold on a folder and you can select for all files to be marked as ‘Read’. The best value for this feature is when experienced in split view.


8. Clean up your ‘App-top’ by Hiding Certain Folders From View!

Adding a new folder or moving files between folders were previously required from the admin console. Now you can make those changes on the fly. Enterprise Content Management


















9. Updated PDF Viewer 

New functionality added to the PDF viewer includes the following commands that will appear at the bottom of your file upon tap: Enterprise Content Management