Features for Smarter, More Agile Mobile Content Usage

Simplify the way you manage and control content, drive better alignment with sales, and capture insights for smarter content development.

Explore vablet’s Platform Features

Learn how our mobile sales enablement platform adds greater control and intelligence to your content management.

  • Boost Content Control
  • Improve Content Access
  • Drive Control Engagement
  • Increase Control Intelligence
Boost Content Control
Drive Control Engagement
Improve Content Access
Increase Control Intelligence

Boost Content Control

Managing varieties of content and disparate file types can be challenging for marketing teams — especially when your company is global, and your sales reps are mobile.

By centralizing content organization into a single platform in the cloud, vablet helps you simplify content management, improve shareability, and eliminate version control issues on any device in the field.

vablet Control & Organization Features

Robust Security

Securely manage and share content from a central point of administration. Enable emailing content from within the app while also adding a watermark or restrictions for printing.

Compliance & Control

Restrict access permissions on files, set file expiration dates, and use group targeting to put the right content in the right hands in the field.

Push Notifications

Track who has your content at all times. Use push notifications to identify who receives your content, which file version they have, and when they access it.


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Improve Content Access

With sales reps constantly on the run, needing to access a variety of file types from different devices, it’s no wonder sharing content is a challenge for many marketing and sales teams.

vablet mitigates content accessibility issues with features that enable you to put presentation-ready content in the right hands at the right time in the field — with or without WiFi.

vablet Push & Share Features

Easy Content Deployment & Updates

Share files at the click of button, and instantly notify team members when content is available for use.

Online & Offline Access

Send, share, and track content seamlessly no matter where your team is in the field — even in “dead spots” like operating rooms.

Native, Rich, & HTML Media

Harness rich media like animation, video, and HTML5 in addition to your standard print collateral so you can help reps create more interactive and personalized meetings.


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vablet Rich Media Features

Dazzling Sales Presentation

Go beyond PowerPoint to improve customer engagement during sales meetings. Use point-and-click navigation to personalize the presentation and create an interactive experience.

Fillable Forms

Seize on-the-spot customer data by taking orders, collecting signatures, and conducting surveys right in the sales meeting, with or without WiFi.

Customizable Branding

Make vablet your own by branding the interface and customizing its function to fit your team’s and prospects' needs.


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Increase Content Intelligence

Blind spots and broken feedback loops launch a vicious cycle for marketing and sales teams. Marketing lacks the insight to optimize content for sales' needs, and sales gets stuck using misaligned, inaccurate, or ineffective content in front of prospects.

Through next-generation tracking and intelligence features, vablet helps you gain more visibility over content usage in the field and close the feedback loop with sales.

vablet Track & Measure Features

Content & Device Analytics

Close feedback loops by automatically recording content activity in the field — view engagement data down to page number and seconds on page!

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Proactively identify which content prospects will respond to at any stage in the buying cycle. Plus, integrate with Salesforce to track which types of actions close the most sales.

Salesforce Integration

Integrate vablet with your Salesforce account to help reps automate administrative tasks like record updates, note taking, and follow-ups.

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