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Contact GPS

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Vablet GPS logoHave you ever wanted to see your contacts on a map and wondered how long
it would take to reach them? If you are making a sales call and your
appointment cancels, wouldn’t it be great to find contacts nearby, so you
can reach out? Or say you’re planning to visit another city and you want to
know who is nearby, in one mobile snapshot!  With Contact GPS, you can.


One FREE app enables you to search, view and dial your contacts, then go!

How Contact GPS Works:

  • store all data in device after loading it the first time
  • map all your contacts on a map, WORLD WIDE!
  • detect user location and display nearby contacts in a table view
  • display miles/drive time for nearby contacts on the table view
  • search by name/address/city/zip code
  • show user information, THEN show…
      • phone number: to call contact
      • address: to create directions on Google maps
      • email: to send a coffee invitation via email
      • website: to view contact website/company info before you visit

Sweet, huh! Try it, it’s FREE:

Download from iTunes



Online Reviews:

Fantastic! ***** by HDDude – Version l.0 – Jun 29, 20ll   Can’t believe it’s free.  Combine GPS with contacts is just smart.  It motivates me to add all my clients, friends and favorite restaurants.  I love the simplistic approach.  The developers have done a superb job understanding users’ needs. One of my top 10 apps!

Useful and Elegant ***** by JL Reviews – Version l.0 – Jul 2, 20ll   I’m quite happy with this app.  Its map functionalities are superb and it’s easy to see where all my contacts are while I’m o the road. Big thumbs up!

Game changer for my business! ***** by K3357 – Version l.0 – Jul 5, 20ll   What a great idea!  Now I can make the most use of my downtime and get a few extra calls in.  This could be a game changer for my business.  Thanks!

Efficient ***** by Eddiehooligan – Version l.l – Jul 9, 20ll   This app is great!  It allows me to make the most informed and efficient use of my time when Trying to reach out to people.

Great application. ***** by Shemanna – Version l.l – Jul 11, 20ll   Great navigation and efficient save my time  Best application

In awe ***** by Lisa.yang419 – Version l.l – Jul 13, 20ll   It’s creepy to see all your friends’ houses pop up on a map but also so amazing at the same time! who thinks of that?! I LOVE it. the first day downloaded it, made my home screen! I show it off to all my friends cus it’s so awesome

Amazing app:) ***** by teehee – version 1.2 – Jul25,2011   User friendly helps me find my friends that much faster

A great app ***** by OC Paul – Version 1.3 – Sep 12, 20ll   It let’s me visually see my contacts, track where I left my car and if I am planning to visit a city see everyone is located.  It’s great that it uses my contact list so there is nothing I need to configure.

The company stores all data in there server ***** by Falun – Version 1.3 – Nov 2, 20ll  I have sent an email to confirm, I didn’t get any reply, this is very dangerous to use this software then, all your private data may be stolen or hacked,  be carefull!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update:  I was able to find the contact person and talk with the company officer. he said that all of our data was not stored or transmitted to their server…Hope it’s true, then the application is a great application, very useful, thanks!