The Key Trait of A Top Performing Sales Rep is Adaptability

The role of a salesperson has been changing for some time. Technology has advanced the ability to communicate and move transactions faster. And now, with health and distancing challenges, the key trait of top performing sales reps is adaptability.

Studies show that around 60% of the digital buying process happens before reaching out to a salesperson. Your company needs to adapt to this fact. In a B2B market, your larger more involved purchases may include a mixture of research and interviews with product experts. Your salespeople should fill that product expert role. They will need to show how your product will address the buyer’s needs – at various stages of the sales cycle.

What is adaptability in Sales?

Your sales team, sales organization, and sales processes should be adjustable to your market. This adaptability ensures that your teams can quickly and effectively address unexpected issues. Your level of adaptability will not only help retain customers, but also unlock the potential for new revenue growth.

Martin Reeves of the Boston Consulting Group put it, “Instead of being really good at doing some particular things, companies must be really good at learning how to do new things.”

If your sales structure is adaptive, your sales organization can react quickly to product and market changes. As the sales process changes, due to different buyer behavior, your sales force must learn how to do new things in an evolving marketplace.

What is adaptability for Salespeople?

As you know, there is no single formula to be a successful salesperson, because it has evolved into many unique characteristics. As a result, the success of your salespeople is measured many unique ways. The one critical metric of top performers is how adaptable they are.

We have to embrace the notion that in the role of the Internet, social media, etc works to improve the buyer’s experience. And, although buyers may not want to communicate with your salespeople immediately, their role will not become obsolete. It simply changes.

Adaptability is a critical trait that you should be looking for and cultivating. In a constantly changing marketplace, an adaptable salesperson makes a difference that nourishes the longevity and prosperity of an entire sales organization.

The key trait of top performing sales reps is adaptability. How adaptable is your sales force? Are you moving forward in a changing sales landscape? Sales enablement can get you there.

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