3 Keys for creating engaging HTML5 sales presentations

Technology has evolved and so has the need for your sales reps to have more engaging sales presentations.  You have seen how services like YouTube and TikTok have created generations of video consumers. And, as those generations infiltrate your workforce, PowerPoint and PDFs will become the next “paper”. It’s time for you to start embracing HTML5 for your sales presentations. HTML5 is a dynamic interactive medium that can be very powerful for you. So, let’s explore 3 keys to creating engaging HTML5 sales presentations.

Hardwired for storytelling

One of reasons why TED Talks are so popular is the imagery and relate-ability given to the subject matter – through storytelling. The storytelling in these instances isn’t necessarily about entertaining the audience, it’s more about tapping into how their brains function – to help engage them, create trust, and to speed up comprehension. Studies show that the reason for this connection is a neurochemical called oxytocin. It is a key to developing the “trust in others” signal in the brain. When you are considered trusted, more oxytocin is produced by your targets, and it motivates their cooperation.

Your sales reps presentations should include character-driven stories, with emotional content. This will create a better connection and understanding of their key points, as well as a better recall of these points weeks later.

Images optimize impact

Similar to the impact of storytelling, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. This is because your brain can process images in the blink of an eye. Various studies, including the one conducted by IABC Manitoba, report on the impact of images in your communication.

  • When you include images in your presentations, they were found to be 43% more persuasive
  • 86% of your B2B buyers prefer to access interactive/visual content
  • 65% of people we present to are visual learners

When you use images of a product, or charts and graphs, in your presentations they generally don’t generate much of an emotional impact. For better impact, you should present industry relevant images or an image of someone clearly experiencing the benefits you are trying to convey. You will trigger an emotional connection in your audience – and emotion accelerates the conversation. Dopamine is the reason for this emotional connection. It is known as the ‘motivation hormone’, as well as the pleasure hormone. Facts, charts and text don’t trigger dopamine, emotion triggers dopamine.

And, if you had any reaction to the image of the puppies, well that just may further reinforce the point here. These tips are based on the actual workings and chemistry of the brain, not marketing theory.

Interaction begets engagement

Creating a presentation in HTML5 is a great way for you to enhance the sales experience. There are a number of reasons, with the primary being that it typically involves interactivity.

A presentation or digital brochure created in HTML5 can be very appealing visually. You can add visual effects such as videos, changes in color or changes in images, or you can make it act much like a website. Another advantage is the non-linear aspects of HTML5. Dynamic navigation puts your targets in the driver seat. Your HTML5 tools should accommodate any navigation sequence needed to answer questions in a presentation. As opposed to the way you think your product or service is best introduced.

Your designers can maximize the space on each page, or ‘slide’, and incorporate options to view certain information that may be otherwise farther along in the sequence of a typical presentation. It may be more efficient for you to jump to a certain topic, based on the questions throughout the meeting, so your navigation strategy can accommodate the individual flow of each meeting.

Be mindful of the number of options that you have available in your navigation strategy. Principles of web design recognize the adverse psychology behind too many options paralyzing the audience.

The value of HTML5

The real value of the HTML5 format is in your follow up strategy, at the end of your meeting. This is when you share a link to your presentation or send a digital brochure as a leave behind.

Your link strategy or menu options will allow you target to jump to a certain topic. And, each topical page they access would be able to accommodate more information, only revealed through the engagement of a tap, slide, scroll or data entry.

The HTML5 format can also be valuable for your compliance requirements. The analytics derived from using a sales engagement platform like vablet will record when a file was viewed during a meeting, the page viewed, and whom it was shown to. And, there are ways to know how your prospects interacted with the file, if you send it to them after the meeting.

It’s not only for sales presentations

Other valuable use cases for HTML5 in sales and marketing:

  •   A self-guided kiosk or display at a trade show
  •   A promotional or informational kiosk in retail spaces or other public areas
  •   A training or informational video prior to a healthcare appointment
  •   A form for collecting data in a survey or placing an order

Of course, the short answer to the question, “why HTML5?” is that it’s just a bit sexier and it will positively impact your brand image. Using the 3 keys for creating engaging HTML5 sales presentations, your sales team will be elevated to a more dynamic selling experience.

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