Nobel Biocare’s Sales Revolution Through Tech

A sales enablement platform is so much more than a mechanism for getting your content from point A to B. It’s a solution that takes your reps from making a simple pitch to making a sales conversion.

In this exclusive success story, learn how Dan Hinkle, senior director of practice development at Nobel Biocare, used vablet’s solution suite to boost market differentiation and drive revenue. See how Nobel transformed their sales and marketing efforts, including:

  • Enhanced content accessibility that meant better informed and more consultative sales conversations
  • Easily searchable content so sales didn’t waste time searching for files
  • Analytics on content engagement that provided greater visibility on asset usage and effectiveness
  • Greater control over content in the field that ensured the latest versions and compliant materials were always available

Seventy-six percent of sales leadership believes marketing has no impact on sales results.


Sales Enablement Platform Implementation Done Right


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