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The End to End Solution

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If your organization is wrestling with a strategy of how to integrate iPads and other mobile devices, I know there are many potential solutions to investigate, but aer they an end to end solution?  Educating the decision makers on the solutions is the first step.

Is there a complete solution?  Maybe, as it depends on your environment and your end game.  The many issues of cost, connectivity, deployment, compliance, device and file control, integration, leveraging current platforms, satisfying legal and enhancing usability are all very important factors.  Individually they are tough to solve, as a group, enormous.


End to End Solution Enter the “App world” and the chaos ensues, as there are many disconnected and incomplete solutions to evaluate.  It’s possible that if you put several apps together you might solve several of these problems and get closer to your goal.   But the downside is that you are now dealing with more than one vendor.  Versions change, functions change, it can be a can of worms.

This is yet another problem we  have solved, by aligning with MokiMobility to offer a very complete end-to-end solution—from one app.  Our “off the shelf” solution gives you the capability to have information flow from your servers/CRM/ERP directly onto an iPad, with security, compliance, analytics, and full device and file control.  It’s one-stop shopping for your mobile workforce.

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