We had to implement a solution in 30 days, to sales people all over the world, and we needed to be able to control important documents. Nothing compared to vablet for overall functionality and features. vablet really is more than just files and folders on devices.

vablet has been a critical tool in giving the essentials to our sales force around the world. The ability to customize to the needs of each team member, quickly and easily push essential presentations and videos, and so much more gives us a true advantage.

We never really considered any other platform. vablet provides a single source of information for our sales people. As a result, our sales cycle is noticeably shorter.

vablet makes our sales reps happy, and that’s all I need to know!

Through the vablet app, the resources on the iPad are up-to-date, it’s much more interactive than sales brochures, and it even helps close deals. The clean detail in the presentation paired with samples of the custom cards that we can create were the perfect tools to sell the product and create another deal for me that day!

John Deluga, Director of Alternative ChannelsElectronic Merchant Service

The vablet features were impressive, offering a seamless interface. Our sales team and customers found the vablet experience to be very intuitive and convenient. We are deploying vablet as standard tools for our daily sales process.

Brian Wilcox, VP of SalesSeoul Semiconductor