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Global Medical Device Co. (under NDA)

“We carefully took a “before and after” approach to our mobile deployment, assessing the process of managing sales collateral, paper production, video distribution to laptops or DVDs, etc. We were particularly interested in the amount of time it took to assemble the media and verify up to date content for any given sales call.

We identified clear benefits of the vablet platform among “technically-challenged” staff members, while device users were able to shorten the sales cycle due to the reliability of instant updates and instant email lead generation features that provide single source capability. We essentially paid for the platform out of our print budget, furthering the ROI.”
Brian. S., Director, Digital Marketing Strategy & Analytics

vablet Recognized by NetworkWorld.com

“vablet is one of our Top 20 Business Apps Every CIO Should Want


“The vablet app was an important part of our iPad deployment plan and the vablet team has been a valuable part of the rollout process. They have an expert understanding of mobile technology and have created features that are easy to learn by our sales representative. Their customer service during our training phase was very responsive and they worked closely with us in refining features to fit our needs on an ongoing basis.

Key benefits we have experienced with the vablet platform include:

  • high volume video files, ready to play offline, anytime
  • reliable updates/version control of files
  • organization and personalization for all content

As we compared other content management apps, vablet was different because of the way our sales team uses clinical papers. We are able to house them all on vablet and find them easily with our customized HTML matrix.

Vablet has boosted our sales by keeping the tools for immediate follow up with our customers at our finger tips. Vablet makes it easy to stay top of mind.”
Shantelle Lal, Marketing Communications Manager

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Solve distributor and BYOD issues for marketing and sales in manufacturing.

Epson America, Inc.

“The vablet platform has been a key sales tool for our sales meetings and trade shows for over 2 years now. The central console is convenient for setting up our media. Looping video in our booth is an important part of making an impression to prospects, as they are faced with so many distractions within an exhibit hall. By utilizing vablet, it takes the hassle out of planning and our videos play flawlessly offline, avoiding the cost and reliability of Wi-Fi access. Vablet has been a valuable part of our sales process.”
Sam Kilian, Jr., Operations Manager

“We had our first iPad roll out meeting last week, it was quite successful. Our people really do like vablet!”
Bill Volm 
Volm Companies, Inc.

Associated Packaging, Inc.

“From the perspective of the marketing department, the top features for us are:

1 – Ease of use for the end user. The reps don’t have to login, check for updates, etc. It’s idiot-proof.
2 – Total control over the content allows me to keep things current and prevent sales from using outdated materials.
3 – Reporting and analysis capabilities are great tools. I can see who is or who isn’t using which files and ask them why, which allows me to continually improve and tailor the content for our users.

We love the new color and icon options in the latest release! Being able the see the name of the higher level folders is really nice when you’re drilling down several levels like I have set up. Very helpful additions, keep it up! :o)”

Erica Mierop, Marketing

iGeeks Blog - vablet Top 5 Business Apps

“Here’s a list of 5 Best #iPad Apps to Boost Your Business ow.ly/vI8Cd @simonheys @vablet @BloombergNews @universalmind

Hayward Pool Products

“We have sales people all over the world and we needed to be able to control important documents, and our marketing message, on our team’s iPads. We reviewed many of the cloud products available and we even tried to build our own app, which was expensive and in the end didn’t work. Nothing compared to vablet for overall functionality and the features offered. vablet really is more than just files and folders on devices.”
Bruce Porter, VP Marketing

Your field sales people have an easy to use solution with vablet.

United Pacific Pet

“We have experienced a favorable return on investment in the Vablet content management system, by streamlining the communication paths between our sales teams, our manufacturers and our customers. Our field reps realized the benefits instantly, at their first trade show using Vablet. Product demos were at their fingertips and in high-res, multimedia formats. A real wow factor with customers!

 It is a relief to have the ability to push current pricing and product detail direct to the device, so the sales team can feel confident that they have the most up to date information to share with their customers.  Because we can send and remove outdated information remotely, we avoid printing lots of documents and sending lots of emails that accumulate as clutter when they become outdated.

 I can definitely say that Vablet has increased our productivity!”
Maureen Costello, President

Deployed globally in enterprises with thousands of mobile employees.

“We made the decision to implement a third party mobile platform, instead of building our own. I have no doubt that our implementation would have taken twice the man-hours had it not been for selecting vablet and their team of grade ‘A’ mobile experts. They possess a keen understanding of the enterprise structure and the security demand of a global banking entity.”
Jerry M., Strategic Programs
Top 5 Financial Institution (under NDA)


vablet Content Management for iPads

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