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Mobile Content Management Flexibility

Cloud or Company Hosted or Hybrid. You Choose.
The vablet architecture sets us apart. We offer either cloud or company hosted implementation, maximizing both ease of use and scalability to suit your particular mobile content management needs. The system can be used from any location with the global CDN that Azure provides.  The same architecture also allows us to deploy on company servers, providing security, control and compliance. Content can be stored in the cloud, on prem, VPN or SSH accessible regardless of where the vablet core is running. The App itself can also be private labeled to extend your brand.

mobile content management

Application Programming Interface

Vablet’s mobile content management platform was designed to be a bolt on to ERP / CRM / CMS systems. We have two sets of APIs available: one is for XML/Soap programmers; the other is RESTful/JSON. Use our API to control your devices; add content; publish to groups of devices; and collect analytics for integration into SalesForce, MS Dynamics, SAP or others.

Contact us today and learn how our end-to-end solution is integrated with leading enterprise technologies in the marketplace.

Tech Specs

iPad 2 & newer, including iPad Air or iPad mini
iPodTouch Gen 3+ / iPhone 3, 4 & 5
IOS 5, 6 & 7 Support, Hardware and Software encryption. 
Windows 8 or greater Computers and Tablets
Server Hosting Options for vablet Core:• Azure-ready or private hosting is available for both CORE and Content
ASP.NET Platform (IIS7 / SQL 2008) & Powered by .NET Web Services
SiteMinder/LDAP/WebLogics Optional

Single Source Solution

We offer multiple API options that will extend your current enterprise infrastructure or play nicely with other third party systems, such as SalesForce, Google Drive, Oracle, and more.

Enterprise mobility, overnight. Because your mobility plan doesn’t have to take months.

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vablet Content Management for iPads or Windows 8

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