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New to vablet? Or been a user for weeks? We’re here to help in many different ways. Contact us for support or sales, as follows:

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For Technical Help:

Call us direct: 800-615-4296
Or send us an email: support@vablet.com
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Pricing or Deployment:
Contact us direct: 800-615-4583
Or send us an email:
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Technical Specifications

iPad 2 & newer, including iPad Air or iPad mini; iPhone 4 & 5
Optimized for iOS 7, Hardware and Software encryption. Officially registered with the US Department Of Commerce.

Windows 8.1 or greater Computers and Tablets

Server Hosting Options for vablet Core
Contact us for details.

Sales and Support Inquiry

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* vablet is no longer developing on the Android platform for deployment less than 100 devices. Contact us with your Android mobility plans and we can explore a solution that may fit your needs.

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