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Everything You Need in One Sales App

Jumpstart your mobility plan and accelerate your sales process. Overnight.

Push/Synch Mechanism:

Files are centrally controlled on web-based console and pushed directly to a device or groups of devices.

Content is accessible offline:

No need for Wi-Fi/3G/4G.

Custom Brand Options:

Customize your account with the look and feel of your own company app, including branded launch and email design for lead generation. 


Scaleable and flexible enough to deploy in Microsoft’s Azure cloud or on premises, across an entire enterprise.

Integration (ERP, CRM, ECM…):

Our API works with existing systems such as Oracle, SAP, Box, SalesForce, etc.

Interactive Capture:

Capture feedback or data from a customized survey or form, directly on the device.

Revoke Access to Content or Block a Device:

Expire content by the minute, hour or date or instantly pull files back, and restrict a device from account altogether.

Secure File Encryption:

Enables DRM [digital rights management] and data leakage prevention.  Files are encrypted in the cloud, in transit and locally on the devices.

Analytical Reporting:

vablet provides reporting on who, what, when and how long files were accessed.  Full compliance reporting as well as eco-friendly lead generation/CRM, paperless sales engagement, marketing analysis.

And so much more.

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Customize with a Familiar Brand Design

Get your own business app at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time.

This feature enables you to leverage familiar design schemes for quicker adoption of your mobility plan by your users. Put YOUR brand design front and center by adding your own custom folder icon, background color or background image in a matter of minutes. 

Launching your own custom business app – for either iOS and/or Windows 8 mobile devices – doesn’t have to take months.

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Impress Your Targets with Faster Follow Ups

Impress your boss with lead-gen analytics 
Send a follow up email directly from your device, just minutes after your sales meeting – and customize it with your own branded look, so your target is certain to open it. Not only will your email message and any files shared be logged on your vablet account, but our optional Salesforce module will log your session activity on your Salesforce instance, too. 

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Capture Data from Targets Instantly

Our integrated Capture tool instantly syncs and aggregates data in one tap
Create endless data capture forms directly on the vablet Admin console, or import an existing HTML or PDF form and push it to your devices for a multitude of strategies. Perfect for lead generation, internal training, customer feedback, order processing and more. Choose from various question types (open text, multiple choice, rating scale, yes/no…), including Signature field and photos or videos taken on the device. 

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Know Who, What and When 

And how often, what attached and to whom
Our comprehensive list of analytics and reporting gives you detailed information on how your team and your targets are interacting with your files.

  • all file and device activity logs
  • who viewed files
  • how often
  • for how long
  • lead gen email including messages accompanying the file
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vablet Content Management Platform with Analytics

Raise Your Salesforce ROI

Stay productive, on or offline, keeping in sync with Salesforce
  • Send a branded email after your meeting, for reliable follow up
  • All meeting activity records instantly in vablet and syncs with SF
  • Edit SF calendar or events, including details of past events
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vablet for Debeers and Calvert Investments
vablet for Bristol Myers Squibb and Peugeot
vablet Content Management for iPads or Windows 8

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