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New Release 3.1

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Just a few new features in our newest release, but they pack a powerful punch!

Customizable App1. Introducing: vablet Custom Launch! Display your own custom, branded startup page with quick links to key files when you launch the vablet app. Vablet now has become that customizable app that adds the  look and feel of your own company app, including a branded splash page and branded email design for lead generation. Simple to setup, this feature in our mobile management software puts your brand front and center at a fraction of the cost to build your own company app.  

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Watch the 1 Min Demo Video


2. vablet now supports Multi-Media PDFs – this means that active links and media in PDF files will play within the vablet environment. Take a look at our User Guide for proper PDF authoring:

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3. General bug fixes and user improvements.


As vablet becomes more of a customizable app you will have more of a look suited for you. Your brand, your links, and your content.