Push and Pull Technology

Exclusive ‘Push and Pull’ technology, providing secure mobile access, document distribution and analytics for your entire enterprise or team.

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Instantly push content (i.e. documents, PDFs, HD video, etc.) to a single device, a customized group, or your entire network.


vablet is a complete file management solution for your iPad or tablet.

  • Easily push content out, pull content back, or wipe it completely from the device.
  • Get information into the hands of your network and control how they interact with it!
  • Free them from the Internet – no connectivity required for ongoing access.

Files aren’t just available, they’re secure.

  • Encrypted files reside locally on the device.
  • Files available instantly or on a schedule, using SSL 256 bit encryption.
  • Content is protected by customizable password.

vablet is a secure environment where you can
track more than just your content:

  • Exclusive reporting features track user activity by device or by content.
  • Determine when, how long, and how often content is viewed.
  • Measure the reach of your content ( marketing collateral, memos, media samples, etc)